Swindon & District BA Competition Rules

The competitions shall be confined to such clubs who are fully paid up members of the association for the current year. Full playing members of those clubs may enter as many competitions as they choose; provided that where they may be members of more than one club they enter via the Club that they represent in the Association.
(a) The competitions shall be played under Bowls England Laws and shall be under
the management of the Executive of the Association. All trophies shall remain the property of the Association and must be returned to the Competition Secretary IN GOOD ORDER, by 10th September of the following year.
(b) When submitting entries a named contact must be provided and a telephone
number provided for each person/team.
(a) The competition subcommittee comprising of the President, Secretary and
Competition Secretary, shall determine all questions and disputes that may arise. The decision of this sub-committee shall be final and binding.
(b) A clear statement in writing of the point of the issue shall be communicated to the
Competition Secretary of the Association at the earliest possible date together with evidence if it exists.
An open draw will be made for all competitions and circulate to all clubs.
5 DUTIES OF ‘CHALLENGER’ (first named) AND ‘OPPONENT’ (second named)
(a) In the draw, the player (contact name) drawn fi