Swindon & District BA Competition Rules

The competitions shall be confined to such clubs who are fully paid up members of the association for the current year. Full playing members of those clubs may enter as many competitions as they choose; provided that where they may be members of more than one club they enter via the Club that they represent in the Association.
(a) The competitions shall be played under Bowls England Laws and shall be under
the management of the Executive of the Association. All trophies shall remain the property of the Association and must be returned to the Competition Secretary IN GOOD ORDER, by 10th September of the following year.
(b) When submitting entries a named contact must be provided and a telephone
number provided for each person/team.
(a) The competition subcommittee comprising of the President, Secretary and
Competition Secretary, shall determine all questions and disputes that may arise. The decision of this sub-committee shall be final and binding.
(b) A clear statement in writing of the point of the issue shall be communicated to the
Competition Secretary of the Association at the earliest possible date together with evidence if it exists.
An open draw will be made for all competitions and circulate to all clubs.
5 DUTIES OF ‘CHALLENGER’ (first named) AND ‘OPPONENT’ (second named)
(a) In the draw, the player (contact name) drawn first will be knownas the ”challenger’.
(b) All matches are play on dates Evening Matches will start at 6.15pm and weekend matches will start at 11.00am but may be arranged to be played before that date and at a time by mutual agreement if a time or date is not agreed and only one team turns up a walkover will be awarded.
All Evening Matches will not start before 6.15pm and Weekend matches will not start before 11.00am unless mutually agreed
(D) If a team fails to appear and be ready to play within 30 minutes after the start time, the opponent may claim a walk over.
(E) Matches must be played by the closing date of each round, except in exceptional circumstances and only with the permission of the competition Secretary.
(g) Competition controllers should not be contacted after 9:30pm.
(H) Except in case of the finals of the competitions it shall be acceptablefor the ‘challenger’ or ‘opponent’ to seek a variation of the fixed date , providing the proposed now date is not later than the play by date fixed for that round.
(a) In all rounds up to and including the semi finals, the challenger shall have the
choice of green.
Greens for the finals shall be selected by the Club Delegates at a pre season meeting.
The result of each game shall be telephoned or emailed to the competition controller
within 24 hours of the completion of the game.
For pairs, triples, rinks the winning skip MUST send their completed scorecards with
all the players’ names on it signed by both skips to the relevant controller within 72 hours
OR (due to exorbitant postage costs) results for pairs triples and rinks both
Skips (contact) should send all the names of the opposition players with the result by email
this will save sending result cards in.
i.e. A triples Match with Mr A, Mr B and Mr C play Mr X, Mr Y, Mr Z then the skip for XYZ should send result – lost 31-30 John A, Paul B, Joe C and Skip for ABC sends result – Won 31-30 Fred X, Richard Y, Nick Z.
The entrance fees for all competitions under the jurisdiction of the association shall be set annually by the Executive.
The dress for all rounds excluding the Finals shall be grey trousers with club or white shirts, for the final white trousers shall be worn. Club coloured shirts where officially approved by the County Association may be worn for all rounds provided they are worn by all members of the team.
(a) Singles, Champion of Champions, Officers and retired singles: The game shall Consist to 21 Shots ,4 Bowls Per Player
  (b) Pairs: The game shall consist of 18 ends , 4 Bowls per Player. In the Case of a tie an extra end shall be played to Determine the Winner
(c) Triples: The Game Shall Consist of 18 Ends, 3 Bowls per Player. In the Case Of A Tie an extra end shall be played to determine the Winner
  (d) Mixed Triples: As Per Triples and must have one Male And one Female
(e) Rinks: The Game Shall Consist of 18 Ends: 2 Bowls per Player. In case of a tie an extra and shall be played to determine the winner
   (f) Mixed Rink: As Per Rinks and must have  2 Men and 2 Females
(g) Eddie Wells Trophy: See Separate rules sheet
  (h) Officers Single: Officers eligible for entry is S & D Executives Officers Chairman, President, Treasurer, Men’s Captain, Men’s Vice Captain, Fixture Secretary, No Team Captains Or Green Keepers
(I) Over 60’s: Players Eligible will be 60 or Over 0n 1st April of the Year Entering
In Pairs, Triples and Fours Competitions, 1 and the same substitute shall be allowed for any team provided that this substitute has not already entered, conceded or played in the same competition.
These rules can only be amended or added to by a straight vote at the Annual General Meeting.
Any disputes please contact the Competition Secretary in the first instance
Home 07572 036374 Mobile 07572 036374 Email stulm10@gmail.com NO CALLS AFTER 9:30pm
Do not phone the Controller for an extension only the Competition Secretary may grant an extension if the green is unfit. No extensions are given for holidays or playing in other competitions, except under Rule 5B.