1. The League shall be called the Swindon & District Men’s Afternoon Triples League
  1. That the Rules of the Swindon & District Bowling Association, shall generally apply to the Afternoon Triples Leagues
  1. The Management Committee shall consist of a Chairman and Secretary, who shall be recommended at the Annual Meeting of the Afternoon League and ratified at the Association AGM.
  1. An Annual Meeting shall be held at least four weeks before the Association A.G.M., to finalisethe season’s activities and to discuss any propositions, which shall be properly proposed and seconded and received in writing by the Secretary.

These will be discussed and if accepted forwarded in writing to the Association League Secretary for ratifying at the Association A.G.M. 

The Club Delegate and Team Leaders may attend from each Affiliated Club, with only the Club representative being able to vote on recommendations.

  1. Teams to consist of two Triples. Players wishing to play in the Afternoon Leagues, shall be a member of the Affiliated Club, they wish to play for.  No player shall play for more than one team.                                                                                                                              
  1.  Monday Fixture dates shall initially be allocated by the League Secretary.  By mutual agreement clubs can re-arrange these games and the League Secretary must be notified by 31st March of all changes.

No alterations will be allowed after this date, other than in exceptional circumstances which may include a funeral, the League Secretary shall be notified either by email or phone as soon as this is known

  1. If a green is unavailable or unfit for play, the home team shall first ascertain whether their opponents green is available before re-arranging the fixture

    a) Where a game cannot be played on the scheduled fixture date, the League Secretary shall be notified within 7 days.                                                                                        

    b) The League Secretary shall be notified of the revised date within 21 days of the original fixture date. Failure to do so shall result in the home team being deducted 6 points from their accumulated league totals.                                                                                    

    c) If a match has to be abandoned, due to adverse weather conditions, making the green unfit for play, the following rules shall apply:                                                                  

    i) If a combined total of 18 ends or more have been played the score shall be the result of the game.                                                                                                                                       

    ii) If less than a combined total of 18 ends have been played, then each team shall receive 5 points, as for a draw and the total number of shots they have scored during the game,
    shall be recorded to enable promotion / relegation issues to be resolved
  1. The formats in the League shall be playing home & away in the same season with Promotion / Relegation, based on the final Division positions.

9 a)      A total of10 Points shall be awarded per match
6 Points for an overall winning match
2 Points for a winning Triple
1 Point each triple for a drawn Triple
5 Points each team, if the match results in an equal number of shots.                                   b)        In the event of one team only being able to play one triple on the day the following           options will apply:   i) Prior notice to be given to the opponents. ii) Unforeseen circumstances

The non -offending team shall be awarded 8 points and the remaining triple to play for the other two points.

     iii)  Player failing to arrive.  ( see separate rule and explanation of play )                              c)  Game given to opponents, with winning score of10 shots and 10 points.  However all games that may influence promotion or relegation shall be played, unless 9c applies.

d)  Within 7 days a representative of the home team shall send the result or outcome of all matches to the League Secretary

Failure to do so may result in the Management Committee taking executive action. 

  1. 1 If a player has to leave the green, for any reasonable cause, a valid substitute shall be used, but not skip                                                                                                                                 
    If no substitute is available and that rink has played more than 9 ends the shots total at the last completed end shall stand and be included in the match result.                
    b) If less than 9 ends have been played, then each team on that rink shall receive 1 point, as for a draw and total number of shots they have scored during the game.       

    c) If by mutual agreement that both teams agree to end the match at that point then rule 7c above will apply
  1. 1 Should any team withdraw from the League during the course of the season, then all results from matches in which that team has been involved, shall be expunged and the League positions calculated accordingly. 
  1. Clubs to notify the League Secretary of their intention to remain in and / or join the league by 1st October each year.
  1. 1 An entrance fee shall be determined at the Association Annual General Meeting,to be paid to the Treasurer of the Swindon & District Bowling Association, before the commencement of the season.
  1. Any dispute or query arising in connection with this competition shall be made in writing to the League Secretary. Clubs will be informed in writing of the Managements decisions.  Appeals against this decision shall be made in writing to the Association Secretary, with the matter being considered at the next Delegates Council meeting, or at an Emergency Committee Meeting of the Association, whose decision shall be final.

The Ruling for One Player Short 

( one player failing to arrive,  so please use this ruling to allow a game to be played )

(a)        Should only two members of a triple be present at the start of the game in the Swindon & District Men’s Afternoon League, play shall commence with each of the 2 members of the team playing with four bowls each and their 3 opponents playing with three bowls each. 

(b)        The team who has won the toss and decided to cast the jack or has won the previous end shall always place the mat and cast the jack (subject to the Laws of the Sport regarding miscast jacks) but the team with 3 players shall always bowl first and have the last bowl.

(c)        At the end of the game or the team with only 2 players shall forfeit one quarter of their total score including decimal points.

(d)        A third player may join the team with only 2 players prior to the commencement of the 4th end. Players may only join play at the commencement of an end and not at any point part way through an end.   Play shall then return to normal triples play and from then on, no shots will be forfeited.

Format of play

Triple lead bowls first and alternates until his opponent from the pair has bowled three woods.

The triple number two then bowls his first wood and then the pair lead bowls his fourth.

The triple number two then bowls his second bowl.

The pair number two [skip] then bowls his first bowl.

Now the triple number two bowls his third bowl.

The skips then alternate the final six bowls.

‘ It works, but remember to abide by the ( b ) ruling above ‘

Revised October 2018