1 The League shall be called the Swindon & District 4-Rink League.
2 All games shall be played under Bowls England Rules except as amended below.
3 All games must be played.
4 Each Team shall play their opponents on a home-and-away basis.
5 Games shall commence at no later than 6.15pm.
6 Games should generally be played by four rinks of four players on each side (16 players per
Team). In the event that less than 16 players are available rinks may be converted to triples, the first two bowlers having three woods each and the skip 2 woods. Any rink playing as a triple shall be penalised 25% of shots scored.
7 All players must be members of a fully S&D affiliated club.
7.1 All players can only play for one Team during a season, except as modified by Rule 7.2.
7.2 If a player leaves a Club and becomes a fully paid up member of another Club during the
season he may play in League games in his new Club.
7.3 For the avoidance of doubt, where a Club has more than one Team then members of that
Club can only play for one Team and having played for one Team then transfer to the other Team during the season is not allowed.
To Note: If the player concerned has already played for their old Club in any S&D Competitions during their transfer season they may not represent their new Club in these Competitions.
7 Games should normally consist of 21 ends, 2 bowls per player. However, if it is not possible to
complete a fixture due to inclement weather then either:
a provided a minimum of 48 ends in total have been played (ie an average of 12 ends per rink) then
the result at the time of the cessation of the game (all ends actually played) shall stand; or
b if less than 20 ends in total have been played (ie an average of less than 5 ends per rink) then the