Competition – 4 Rink Triples Knock Out Rules

Eddie Wells Competition Rules.

  1. The competition shall be known as the Eddie Wells competition and shall be open to all clubs affiliated to the Swindon and District Bowling Association. Trophies will be held for one year.
  2. The Entrance fee will be determined by the Association. All profits will go to the charity – multiple sclerosis society.
  3. Each team will consist of 12 players making 4 triples. Only one team per club. No player can play for more than one club in that year. All players must be fully paid members of that club.
  4. Two triples will be at home and two triples will be away. Games will be played at the same time on the same date. Play by dates are set by the competition controller. Start times in the week shall be 6:15 and weekends shall be 11.00 or by mutual agreement.
  5. Match day arrangements:
    Dates are on or before by mutual agreement.
    Play on dates and the final date will be set by the S&D Competition Secretary.
  6. The game will consist of 18 ends, 3 woods each. The game will be decided by the total score of all four triples. An extra end must be played after the game, by the first drawn team, (i.e. the home side). One drawn rink will play this end, the rink chosen before the draw for rinks is made.
  7. The result will be phoned or emailed within 48hrs of the match being completed, by the winning captain before 9:30 pm to the Competition Secretary.
  8. If the game was unable to start or complete due to the green being unfit for play, the competition secretary must be informed by both captains ASAP, and a new date agreed
  9. If 10 ends or more have been played by each triple before abandonment, the score will stand, and the result phoned or emailed as above.
  10. Any protest arising from the outcome of the match must be sent in writing to the Swindon and District competition secretary within 48hrs
  11. The decision of the Swindon and District competition secretary will be final.